In Istron Bay Villas we created a small restaurant in order to provide high end gastronomic services. Our philosophy is to choose the best quality of products, cook with love and create an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. A feast of colours and flavors with respect to our tradition.

Our restaurant offers breakfast and private meals either served in our premises or in your villa.

Our gastronomic knowledge helps us create quality dishes accompanied by homemade liqueurs, surprise – desserts, dips of the day served in a cosy environment with people that care about your needs.

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A quality meal to begin your day full of energy, served at your table. It consists of a wide selection of local products either in their primary form (honey, olives etc) or in their secondary (jams, cheese patties etc) in order to be introduced to the wealth of the Cretan soil. Flavors that we combine and change on a daily basis according to your needs and wishes. Give it a try!

The same breakfast can be served at your villa.


Upon reservation only. Let us be your guides in order to achieve your goals together, no matter if this is just enjoying a traditional meal or being fit and healthy. Discussing with you helps us design the perfect meal for you in respect of your needs and offer the quality we want, as we shop on a daily basis to have the freshest ingredients.


Choose from our catalogues or tell us what would you like as a meal or breakfast and have it served to your villa the time you want it, fresh. Sky is the limit.


All dishes can be delivered to your villa


Basket of bread and nuts
Homemade dips per person


Tzatziki – Melizana Salad – Tarama Salad – Hummus – Yoghurt Dip
Fresh fish marinated
Fish in lemon and oil with herbs and aromatic dips with dill and yoghurt

Fava with sun-dried tomatoes and capers (for 2 persons)

Greek salad

Tomato with slice and mint, or mozzarella and basil

Fresh green salad with fruits, flax, graviera cheese and fresh herbs in aromatic balsamic vinaigrette

Shrimps with garlic, sprinkled with wine and hot pepper in a green salad

Salad of boiled vegetables in honey and mustard vinaigrette

Green salad with eruca, tomato, parmesan, aromatic vinaigrette

Platter of fine cheeses

Platter of fine cold cuts


Shrimp saganaki with feta, cheese and tomato

Shrimp saganaki with pasta

Homemade mousaka (large portion)

Spentzofai beef sausage with peppers and tomatoes

Spaghetti with fresh tomato and anthotyro

Spaghetti with mince in our own way

Farfales with smoked salmon, vodka and poppy seed

Linguine with pesto  as it is served in Genoa with beans and potatoes

Izmir Soutzoukakia with rice or pasta

Risotto with a variety of mushrooms and parmesan cheese (20 minutes)

Pizza (small) – for one person


Soup for 2
Herb soup , Chicken soup with egg-lemon,
With Beef, With Goat, With Lamb,
Lobsters, lentils, fish soup with 1 kg of fresh fish (homemade)

Cheese Pie or Spinach Pie

cooked vegetables for 2

Stuffed vegetables for 4

Roasted mussels with wine and mustard (kilo)

Grilled or cooked octopus

Chicken sticks on the hull with

oven patatoes for 2

Traditional chicken with wine

Beef with pasta

Lamb or goat in the hat with baked potatoes or gouvyets for 2 persons

Local baby pork in the hull

with oven patatoes for 2

Beef or rabbit stew with macaroni
or rice for 2


Chicken breast or fillet of thigh
Marinated with Cretan herbs and orange. Served with steam vegetables

Fresh seabream or seabass in aromatic marinade of olive oil
Served with crispy basil vegetables

Pan Psaronefri marinated with Florina peppers
Served with rice or potatoes

Steak  smoked local pork in wine-flavored sauce
Served with rice or potatoes


Steak  beef marinated

Fresh fish from the bay of Mirabello


Yoghurt or fresh mizithra with honey nuts and mint

Vanilla ice cream, sauce or chocolate with homemade sauce of wild fruits and tsikoudia (2 balls)

Warm strawberry soup with vanilla ice cream

Fruits of the forest in tsikoudia marinade with chocolate chips and ice cream

Cheese cake with yogurt mousse and sautéed fruits.

Mpougatsa with vanilla ice cream

Souffle  with «Kritamon» chocolate

Fruit plate